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I was saved in Oxnard, CA while living with my best friend and his family who are Christians. God began to work in my heart as I watched his family, and often heard their prayers for my salvation. On the night of July 16, 2001 my friend and I were sitting on the porch reading. He was reading his Bible, I was reading some other book. I began to ask him questions about salvation, he gave me the gospel. Later that night while lying in my bed I realized that nothing I could do would get me to Heaven. I put my faith and trust solely in the Lord Jesus Christ. I cried myself to sleep that night and the next morning I woke up a new creature. I remember hearing the birds chirping and the sun seemed so much brighter. In Christ, old things are passed away and all things become new.

I started reading my Bible, and attending church services, I just couldn’t seem to get enough. On September 16, 2001 I was baptized by Pastor Shapiro and became a member of Fundamental Baptist Church in Ventura.

In November of 2001, I felt the Lord calling me to preach but I fought it. I was sure it was a mistake, I felt the Lord couldn’t use me. About three months later, during a special meeting on a Tuesday night, God worked in my heart. Through the preaching of God’s Word and the conviction of the Holy Spirit, I went forward and surrendered to the call to preach.

After I surrendered to preach, God began to burden my heart for the teens in our church. In May of 2002 after much prayer and speaking to Pastor Shapiro about my burden he allowed me to start sitting in on the teen Sunday school class. By July of 2002, the man who was working with the teens left the church and I became the Youth Pastor. Through much preaching, love, and prayers we have had the blessing of seeing many teens go on and serve the Lord with their lives.

I graduated from Fundamental Baptist Bible Institute in May of 2006. I am currently teaching the Pauline Epistles and Johannine Writings in the Institute. I married my helpmeet, Sharon on August 19, 2006. We have two beautiful daughters Karly, and Tiffany.

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