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Gods Blessing in Our Lives

August 26, 2009


I thought I would take some time to tell you just how great our God is and just how well he takes care of us. The house we have been living in for the last 17 months is going on the market to sale, so we have to move. We started look around for houses near where we currently live and in our current price range and the pickings are slim in those two areas. So as we looked we found a house that we really liked we had already filled out the applications and left them in the car, just in case we liked it. As we walked through the house I just kept feeling as if it was the house for us. After talking with my wife we decided to turn in the applications and see if we could get it. After handing the applications to the woman she said, I have a really good feeling about you guys and I think this is going to workout well when do you think you could come sign the paperwork and give the deposit. My wife and I were taken back; we didn’t know what to say after discussing it for a few we decided on that Saturday. Well that Saturday we signed the paper work and got the keys to the house. While doing the walk through we noticed some stuff in the rafters of the garage and the landlord said that he didn’t know what was there but that we should just pull it down and throw it away if we didn’t want it.

Now for the last 3 years my teen daughter has wanted a loft bed you know one of those beds with the desk under the bed to save room in her bedroom. We have looked and looked but we have never found one that she liked that we could afford. So I told her to pray and tell God what she wanted and God would proved the bed if he thought she should have one. Well up to this point God has not given her one.

As we started to move into the house I thought that I had better clean out the rafters so that we can store all our junk up there. I climbed the latter and started pulling stuff down the further I dug the more stuff I found then I came across this big metal thing I pulled it down and found another metal thing under it, then another. I could not believe what I was pulling down; yep it was a loft bed complete with desk and CD rack. I climbed down the later ad just looked at it I could not believe what I was seeing here in my new garage was the loft bed my daughter had been praying about for 3 years. My wife and I were both smiling ear to ear and she said I guess this was the house God wanted us to have. I called my daughter and said do you still want a loft bed she said yes so I told her to look in the garage and see is that one would work.

God is so good to us he gives us the small things we ask for in ways that we would never expect just to show us he can. I some ways I feel like he said yes this is the house for you oh and by the way well done here is a little blessing for you.

God is Good

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